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I was wondering about the different ways of using a JQuery function on a variable
like I know this one


but is there a way to call it at the end like normal Javascript functions


haha I know this sounds stupid but I need to ask somewhere. Thanks!

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You probably mean


This implies that variable is

  • a plain DOM object (or an array of them)
  • a jQuery object (or an array of them)
  • a string that contains a jQuery selector
  • a string that contains HTML/XML markup
  • a callback function for the "DOM ready" event (not relevant in this case)

If it something else, all bets are off.

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Also, this may not do the same thing; for example $.isFunction(someObject) is not at all the same as $(someObject).isFunction() (the latter will presumably always evaluate null as the parameter and return false). –  Jacob Mattison Apr 21 '10 at 18:55
@JacobM: Yes, of course. But the OP mentioned $.DoThis(variable) himself, and seemed to ask "How do I make a jQuery object out of variable?". That's why I said "probably" ;) –  Tomalak Apr 21 '10 at 18:58
Granted, but I think the OP has the expectation that making his variable into a jQuery object, and calling a jQuery function on it, will be the equivalent of calling a jQuery function and passing in his variable. That expectation, even if the variable is something that's convertible into a jQuery object as you describe, isn't valid. I'm not criticizing your answer here, I'm pointing out a flaw in (what I think is) the expectation of the OP. –  Jacob Mattison Apr 21 '10 at 19:21

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