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Hi How to disable color change (to gray) when mouse hover on a row of grid? How to disable color change (to gray) when row is selected by mouse click or keyboard/Enter combination?

I want to keep the originally assigned row color.

Please advice.Thanks AJ

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You will need to specify a new template for the DataGridRow via a style on the the RowStyle property. Use the existing style for DataGridRow found here.

Remove the StoryBoard elements for the "MouseOver", "NormalSelected" and "MouseOverSelected" VisualStates also remove the DoubleAnimation for "BackgroundRectangle" from the "UnfocusedSelected" VisualState.

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I had a similar requirement, but instead turned off HitTest so the user couldn't select a row.

It occurred to me that if you don't want the user to know what the selection is, then you don't want a selection.

<Style TargetType="data:DataGridRow" x:Key="StyleDataGridRowNoSelection" BasedOn="{StaticResource BaseDataGridRowStyle}">
    <Setter Property="IsHitTestVisible" Value="False"/>
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