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I have a controller:

class EventsController < ApplicationController  
  def index
      SystemTimer.timeout_after(10, CustomTimeoutError) do
    rescue CustomTimeoutError => e
      # swallow

For some reason the rescue statement is not catching the timeout but instead its bubbling all the way up to the top, stacktrace gets dumped to console etc. Using the defatult Timeout::Error has the same effect. This happens only on production, not on my development machine. It's as though something else is watching for timeouts and capturing them before it event reaches my rescue.

The stacktrace produced is this:

[GEM_ROOT]/gems/SystemTimer-1.2/lib/system_timer/concurrent_timer_pool.rb:63:in `read_reply'

vendor/gems/redis-1.0.4/lib/redis/client.rb:444:in `process_command'

vendor/gems/redis-1.0.4/lib/redis/client.rb:442:in `map'

vendor/gems/redis-1.0.4/lib/redis/client.rb:442:in `process_command'

vendor/gems/redis-1.0.4/lib/redis/client.rb:431:in `raw_call_command'

vendor/gems/redis-1.0.4/lib/redis/client.rb:452:in `call'

vendor/gems/redis-1.0.4/lib/redis/client.rb:452:in `maybe_lock'

vendor/gems/redis-1.0.4/lib/redis/client.rb:428:in `raw_call_command'

vendor/gems/redis-1.0.4/lib/redis/client.rb:332:in `call_command'

vendor/gems/redis-1.0.4/lib/redis/client.rb:381:in `method_missing'

vendor/gems/ohm-0.0.35/lib/ohm/collection.rb:179:in `size'

vendor/gems/ohm-0.0.35/lib/ohm/collection.rb:65:in `empty?'

vendor/gems/ohm-0.0.35/lib/ohm/collection.rb:33:in `sort'

vendor/gems/ohm-0.0.35/lib/ohm/collection.rb:48:in `first'

vendor/gems/ohm-0.0.35/lib/ohm.rb:129:in `first'

lib/twitter_helper.rb:58:in `get_twitter_searches'

lib/twitter_helper.rb:57:in `each'

lib/twitter_helper.rb:57:in `get_twitter_searches'

lib/twitter_helper.rb:100:in `get_twitter_searches_or_messages'

app/controllers/events_controller.rb:66:in `show'

[GEM_ROOT]/gems/SystemTimer-1.2/lib/system_timer.rb:56:in `timeout_after'

app/controllers/events_controller.rb:65:in `show'

vendor/rails/actionpack/lib/action_controller/base.rb:1331:in `send'
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Can you enter a catch all block and print the raised error within? Also, it could be possible that some rails internal timeout mechanism is throwing an error before your code does. Try to make it sleep much less, say a second. – moritz May 27 '11 at 17:11
Likewise, I'd recommend a rescue Exception => e block instead, to catch Anything, then dumping the results to your log. – nessur May 27 '11 at 20:13

How did you declare you custom CustomTimeoutError class? Is it a direct descendant of Exception, or of StandardError? I've seen exactly this behavior when descending from Exception, and make a practice of always making my error classes descend from StandardError.

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