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I would like to know where are the WebSphere configuration details saved?

Specifically, configuration details that are shown in the Administrative Console (from the web) or from the console using wsadmin.

Some of the examples would be:

  1. Java and Process Management: Class loader, Process definition, Process execution
  2. Container Settings: Session management, SIP Container Settings, Web Container Settings, Portlet Container Settings

Are there XML files that persist these configuration details?


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WebSphere Application Server configuration data is stored in XMI format in the profile configuration repository. The settings you referred to are stored in server.xml:

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I had a query. Where exactly in server.xml can I add is it in the jvmEntries in the debugArgs ? – Ujjwal Pathak May 3 at 10:17
@UjjwalPathak You should ask a new question rather than commenting on a 6 year old answer. You should not directly edit server.xml; you should use the admin console or wsadmin. – Brett Kail May 3 at 13:25
Thanks Brett. I actually did that ... I was just googling that when I stumbled upon this question .... :) – Ujjwal Pathak May 3 at 13:31
If you link the question, I can give more details. (I happen to still be on the site, so I noticed your comment. Otherwise, it's likely no one will notice/respond to your comment on such an old answer, which is why you're better off asking a new question and linking to the old question/answer.) – Brett Kail May 3 at 13:58

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