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I created a ActiveX control using ATL, already package it with signature. I want to use it on the webpage, but at the install window the name is MyActiveX.cab with no link. the MyActiveX.cab name can be changed by modifying the html page's tag codebase attribute. but the name is still format like "XXX.cab" with no hyperlink.

I find a activex control from chinese website has its own name and link: and its object tags are nothing different:

<object ID="CMBPB_OCX" 
classid="clsid:F2EB8999-766E-4BF6-AAAD-188D398C0D0B" width="0" height="0">

The pic

The pic

the pic was taken from MSDN Pages, it has link.

Really want to know how to Set the activex control name?

I try to get help from How to Set ActiveX Control Name, but still get stuck.

I Signed the cab file and the activex dll file both, and don't know how to put the name and hyperlink in that window.

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Did you sign both control and CAB file?

It looks like you didn't sign the CAB file. The installation dialog shows info from the CAB file signature. Or maybe signature is invalid...

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I signed the cab already, the sign operation was done by a automatic web interface of my company. In the cab file's property page, I can see the signature is valid. – Gohan Apr 22 '10 at 5:07

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