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I am using a dataset on the server, in this dataset I have a datatable that calls a stored procedure and returns column names from three tables. I call this stored procedure using a web service.

I manage to show all the column names in my combobox but when I want to click a button and insert selected column name into a richtextbox I get System.Data.DataRowView in the textbox instead.

My code: 'the combobox 'if I don't have this textblock all the values are shown vertical instead of the normal horizontal lines


'the button Private Sub btnAddColumnNames_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.RoutedEventArgs) Handles btnAddColumnNames.Click ' Add column names to the richtextbox Dim tr As New TextRange(rtbText.Selection.Start, rtbText.Selection.End) tr.Text = cboColumnNames.SelectedItem.ToString() rtbText.Focus() End Sub

Any suggestions on how to get the selected text in the combobox to the richtextbox? Any help is appreciated.

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You can set the SelectedValuePath of the ComboBox to the member that you want to bind to.

<ComboBox ItemsSource="..." SelectedValuePath="COLUMN_NAME" />

Then instead of using SelectedItem you would use SelectedValue.

Dim tr As New TextRange(rtbText.Selection.Start, rtbText.Selection.End)
tr.Text = CStr(cboColumnNames.SelectedValue)
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