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I'm creating an application in which I need to use Apex programming,

and I have java development background.

So what I need is, examples Apex programming [ salesforce.com ] where i would be programming like Inventory Management System with an interactive UI, so if anybody can provide me the links which would be helpful to me.

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I recommend checking out the Apex message boards. –  Ryan Guest Apr 22 '10 at 17:54
For quick and short questions, you can also use the Force.com developer hashtag on Twitter #askforce –  Ryan Guest Apr 22 '10 at 18:09
If you're doing Apex development I strongly recommend having the following links on hand: - Force.com Apex Code Developer's Guide - Visualforce Developer's Guide –  baysOfHail Jun 21 '12 at 16:10

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Force.com cookbook is a great place to start (especially if you'll get code examples too). Note that I gave you link to registration page instead of direct link to PDF so you can have a peek at the content. I think it's definitely worth it to register with the community.

Tons of useful resources on http://wiki.developerforce.com

If you need to learn a lot in short timeframe - consider registering for "DEV401" course to become a Certified Salesforce Developer. But if you are a well-organized and motivated person - just try to go through the Cookbok. Both the PDF and the course will lead you through creation of HR system on top of Salesforce.com platform. The examples are really well planned, start off with simple stuff like adding custom fields and slowly move to customisations that really require coding.

("DEV501" course for advanced developers will focus on Apex but as you are new to the platform it won't be the best match unless you really, really have to learn Apex fast because of project problems for example)

A word of advice: read a bit more, at least quickly scan the examples / "use cases" in the Cookbook before you'll rush off to writing Apex code. You can really do a lot on the platform just with few clicks of the mouse.

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I have been struggling a lot as I did not come from a programming background. I have found people with Java or .net background find it easier to learn but they still require to understand the platform. I even took a course at private Institute but sorry to say didn't helped much. However, luckily I found this course on Skillfeed. Its a paid website but first week is free and that was enough for me. I put in all the time in that one week as I have already taken course at institute and didn't wanted to pay again, thankfully I am certified today and after watching the complete course thrice everything got stuck to my mind. I would highly recommend that you take this one as its free for a week and it is so nicely structured that you will definitely love it.Let me know how it did for you. Thanks and All the Best :) https://www.skillfeed.com/courses/1695-salesforce-com-complete-admin-and-developer-course

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Here is a guide I wrote to get started with the Force.com platform.

Download and Install Eclipse

Latest version as of 4/25/2014: Eclipse Standard 4.3.2 for Windows 64 bit

Other downloads: Download the latest version of eclipse

Install the Force.com IDE plugin

Click Help > Install New Software > Eclipse Force.com IDE

Install new software:  Eclipse Force.com Plugin

Setting repo for plugin

  • Eclipse downloads the list of available plugins and displays them.
  • Check the Force.com IDE plugin and click Next.

  • In the Install Details dialog, click Next.

  • In Review Licenses dialog, accept the terms and click Finish.
  • Eclipse downloads and installs the Force.com IDE and any required dependencies. When installation is complete, you will be prompted to restart. Click Yes.

Select Window > Open Perspective > Other, select Force.com and click OK.

More info on the Force.com IDE

https://developer.salesforce.com/page/An_Introduction_to_Force_IDE https://developer.salesforce.com/page/Force.com_IDE_FAQ

Sign up for a salesforce developer account

Read up on Force.com and Apex


Free Online Courses

Online Webinars(Presentations with Q/A)

In-depth Apex Learning Resources

Beginner-Level Apex Code Dreamforce Sessions:

Setup your environment

Get in the Force.com perspective

Get in the force ide perspective

  • Create a new Force.com Project in your IDE
  • Launch the Create New Force.com Project wizard, select File -> New -> Force.com Project.
  • On the first page, enter the appropriate properties for the project. Enter the salesforce login from your developer account.

Project Name (Required) The project is associated with one organization. Project names must be unique. You can create more than one project that connects to the same organization.

Username (Required) The username you use to log in to the organization associated with this project (“home organization”).The username must have the “Modify All Data” permission for instance as a System Admin.

Password (Required) The password.

Security Token The security token is appended to your password***(PAY SPECIAL ATTENTION TO THIS POINT)*

as an added security measure. If you are using a security token, enter the value here. For more information, see the Salesforce online help topic Setting Login Restrictions. Get security token from salesforce Get your security token from your Salesforce control panel

Get your security token

Environment Required. Choose the appropriate environment for your connection:

  • Production/Developer Edition - Choose this option if you are connecting to a production or Developer Edition organization.
  • Sandbox - Choose this option if you are connecting to a sandbox organization. Sandbox organizations have an URL that starts with test.
  • Pre-Release - Choose this option if you are connecting to a prerelease server. Other (Specify) - Choose this option if you want to connect to a specific instance.

Click Finish to create your project.

From this point on, you will want to create some custom objects and sites on Salesforce and start customizing them and working with them. The best way to do this is to go through the existing workbooks.

You can also view this article, Getting Started with Salesforce Force.com article to view this information in more detail with more annotated screenshots.

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