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What's the best way to write a LINQ query that inserts a record and then returns the primary key of that newly inserted record using C# ?

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The primary key value will be in that property after the SubmitChanges().

MyTable record = new MyTable();
record.Name = "James Curran";
Console.WriteLine("record inserted as ID : {0}", record.Id);
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There's a typo on line 3, it should read InsertOnSubmit(record) – Jonathan S. Nov 6 '08 at 14:39
Thanks... "Fastest gun in the west" problem strike again.... – James Curran Nov 6 '08 at 14:44
// Create a new Order object.
Order ord = new Order
    OrderID = 12000,
    ShipCity = "Seattle",
    OrderDate = DateTime.Now
    // …

// Add the new object to the Orders collection.

// Submit the change to the database.
catch (Exception e)
    // Make some adjustments.
    // ...
    // Try again.
return ord.OrderID;
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Any field with AutoGeneratedValue=true will be filled in after that record is submitted to the database by dc.SubmitChanges()

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