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Dll best practices document from Microsoft available Here recommends avoiding use of memory management function from the dynamic C Run-Time (CRT) within DllMain. But DllMain function of MFC Extension DLL is dynamically allocating the memory for CDynLinkLibrary in the code snippet available at MSDN "http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/1btd5ea3%28v=VS.80%29.aspx".

Is it a violation of Dll Best Practices or ok to use in MFC extension DLL?


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"Because the MFCx0.dll is fully initialized by the time DllMain is called, you can allocate memory and call MFC functions within DllMain (unlike the 16-bit version of MFC)."

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Thanks for reply. Can you please tell whether or not initialization of MFCx0.dll means initialization of Dynamic CRT library? –  Picaro De Vosio Apr 22 '10 at 8:27
I think each version of the MFC library depends on the corresponding version of the CRT library so the CRT had to be initialized before MFC. –  Windows programmer Apr 22 '10 at 8:45

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