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Does the symfony cache system handle ext2 32000 files in the same directory limitation ?

I have 80000 users and i want to cache their profiles but do symfony cache system handle the ext2 limitation ?

i'm also posting for the others who will face the same problem.

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I'm not 100% sure whether my answer is correct but in PROJECT/lib/symfony/cache/sfCacheFile.class.php there is a method: sfCacheFile::getFilePath() that returns a path to a file. It seems that there is no any protection against limitations of ext2 filesystem.

But there is a very simple solution - override that class:

  1. In PROJECT/apps/APP/config/factories.yml set your own cache class:

    # Others factories (if any)
        class: myOwnFileCache
          automatic_cleaning_factor: 0
          cache_dir:                 %SF_TEMPLATE_CACHE_DIR%
          lifetime:                  86400
          prefix:                    %SF_APP_DIR%/template
  2. Now create that class and make sure it extends sfFileCache and overrides getFilePath()

    # PROJECT/lib/PROJECT/cache/myOwnFileCache.class.php        
    class myOwnFileCache extends sfFileCache {
        protected getFilePath($key) {
                Convert from: abcdef
                          to: a/b/abcdef
            $key = substr($key, 0, 1) . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . substr($key, 1, 1) . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . $key;
            return parent::getFilePath($key);


  3. Clear cache: ./symfony cc

Now you need 32000 cache keys that starts with the exact same two letters/digits to crush your filesystem.

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That's the idea ;D thanks –  belaz Apr 26 '10 at 9:32
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