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There is a UML diagram on that page. It has three different kinds of connections. The shared aggregation connection, the generalized connection (triangle arrow), and the other one... How do I get the other one in Visio? I can't find it...


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It isn't "there". You need to specify the "Begin" and "End" shapes for your line, from the Format -> Line menu (or "More line ends" in the lines drop-down menu)

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Ahh snap, you're completely right. Thanks. –  Michael Peddicord Apr 22 '10 at 9:22

Adjusting the line formatting on arrows found in the shape libraries is buggy and tedious for me. I think the simplest to use arrow in Visio 2010 is on the ribbon Home > Tools > Connector. It's easy to modify it to look like any of the arrows that Michael referenced in his link.

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enter image description here

You can use this 1 legged connector

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