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Less than 10 client computers, each with their own installation have to upload data to a central server.

The client database looks like:

tblSales - rowGuid - randomNumber

Central Server database:

  • rowGuid
  • randomNumber
  • dateInserted

I plan to use WCF to send the files to the central server.

How can I verify the rows were inserted to the server? What kind of verification options do I have?

I could return the # of rows inserted and compare that with the # that was sent, but is there any other more robust method?

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You can also enable reliable messaging if using a binding like WsHttpBinding that will ensure the reliability of the messages themselves if that is a concern.

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Using WCF you're going to be basically calling a function thru a proxy. Just have that function return a bool true for success or false for failure.

bool Success;
Success = MyWCFService.InsertRecord(MyNewRecord);
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any other options? –  Kevin Dente Nov 6 '08 at 15:45

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