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I have data in this form,

Article ID  Company A	Company B	Company C
1            Featured	 Mentioned	 --
2            Mentioned	 Featured	 Mentioned
3            Mentioned	 --	         --
4            Featured	 Mentioned	 Mentioned
5            Mentioned	 Mentioned	 Featured

I’d like to show, for example, how many times Company B was mentioned in an article where Company A was featured. I can write a manual query to answer that, however, I thought perhaps there’s a more elegant way to show in a grid the counts of all combinations. Someone could then see how many times Company C was mentioned in an article where Company A or B was featured, and vice versa.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to approach this? I’m just not feeling creative today and all I can think of is the lame, brute-force, manual method ;)

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If you could add a filter drop-down on each column, like the auto-filter in Excel, the users could select 'Mentioned' for Company A and 'Featured' for Company B and the number of rows displayed would be the answer to the "how many" question.

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