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I need to pass '+' via the QueryString.

some special character can be passed by using 'Encode' .. but '+'

I know the one solution, If I replace '+' with other character.

But it's not the perfect solution.


well I used escape() javascript function to encode.

escape function can't encode + . is the another function to encode on javascript?

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I GIVE UP TO PASS UNICODE querystring correctly. –  Sungguk Lim Apr 22 '10 at 13:12

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Rather than handling on a case by case basis, with Javascript you can encode all data you pass via query string with encodeURIComponent

var data = ")(@&^$@*&^#!(!*++="; 
var encodedData = encodeURIComponent(data); 
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it's very nice. well. how can I decode the encoded string?. I tried to decode using Server.UrlDecode . But It can't decode perfectly in UNICODE. –  Sungguk Lim Apr 22 '10 at 12:10
The data will already be decoded for you when you access it through the QueryString collection. –  RedFilter Apr 22 '10 at 12:15

Use %2b to pass the + character.

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The space character is usually passed as %20. The same way, the plus sign can be passed as %2B

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In ASCII, the hex code for + is 2B, so you should be able to just use %2B instead of +.


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