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I like that Feedburner can do some basic analytics and tracking. But I have also had (in the past) problems with Feedburner. Is there a self-hosted solution out there that is roughly equivalent?

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For statistics you might want to look at Feedblitz, for better RSS > Email syndication look at Nourish:


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Link is broken...... –  Mahmoud Al-Qudsi Aug 26 '13 at 20:16

Also, if you're satisfied with a given RSS analytics tool that doesn't offer email solutions, you can always check out MailChimp. They offer an RSS to email feature. And until you reach 2000 subscribers / 12k emails per month, your MailChimp account is free :-)

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We recently launched FeedSnap, with the express intention of being a FeedBurner replacement. It's technically still in beta, but it can import statistics from FeedBurner and supports most of FeedBurner's popular features.

(Disclosure: I'm with NeoSmart Technologies, makers of FeedSnap)

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Feedpress is a pretty good replacement!

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