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I'm using Visio 2007 to create an ER diagram for an SQL server database. I've used The reverse engineer function to import the data from SQL server to Visio. Once a page is created, it is saved as a web page. Visio's Web diagrams have functionality to allow users to display the shape data by ctrl clicking on a shape in the diagram.

I want to put some/all of the data from database properties into the shape data for displaying on the diagram. I can do this manually. My problem is that my database has over 100 tables and i would rather not spend the next week manually entering shape data for each table. Is there any way to have visio Auto generate Shape data when i perform a database reverse engineer.

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Once you have a shape linked to a row in your external set, if the data field name equals the Shape Data field name, the information will automatically populate. For example, if you have a bunch of Server shapes and your view is "Select asset_id as 'Asset Number', serial_id as 'Serial Number' FROM Serverlist", your shapes will auto populate those two fields.

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