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I have my wordpress in a folder, i updated the url options in the wordpress genereal settings to the root folder, i then copied all the files from the directory to the root.

I have not deleted the old directory yet!

When i go to log in, i can not do so, in the url it still says redirect to the old directoy.

What should i do, do i have to delete the ole directory?

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See Moving WordPress « WordPress Codex for the process of moving to root and Changing The Site URL « WordPress Codex for admin recovery instructions.

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This error is token of wrong URL credential for siteurl or home field in Wordpress database. Please follow the steps and verify the correct directory path,

  1. Login into cPanel > phyMyAdmin
  2. Select appropriate database (other than "information_schema")
  3. Select wp_option table (the table prefix "wp_" might be different)
  4. Under the option_name field verify siteurl and home rows. Mostly the siteurl missed the correct URL path.

Note: If you installed WordPress in public_html itself, then you >should not need to add wp in siteurl.

phpMyAdmin view of wp-option

However, In case unable to access the database (phpMyAdmin) then you can explore more solution on www.doubtsolver.com/wordpress/wp-login-php-was-not-found and WordPress Codex.

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