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I am trying to create a simple alert as an onload event on the contact entity. However, I only want this to trigger if one of the conditions is that the contact is still active.

I therefore put it the following:

if (crmForm.all.statecode.DataValue == 0)


alert("'Whatever alert I want") ;


However, when I load the contact record it errors. Is it not possible to base an 'if' statement on the status.


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No idea what dynamics-crm is but fyi document.all is IE only so if your testing in something else it wont work. – Alex K. Apr 22 '10 at 15:30
fyi, CRM 4.0 is IE only... – fchapleau Apr 22 '10 at 16:40
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I think what you want is the crmForm.FormType enumeration:

crmForm.FormType == 4 means the form is deactivated (statecode 1) so you could do something like

if (crmForm.FormType != 4) alert("Whatever alert I want");

Just be cautious of all the various form types that are out there and make sure you get the alert where you want it.

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