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Ok so from all my research I'm fairly positive P2P is not possible in Silverlight 4 (in browser).

Flash can do P2P using Stratus/RTMFP which I believe uses UDP hole punching and a Stratus server to help initialize the connection.

Is there any plans for Microsoft to add some kind of p2p rendezvous service in the future? Can we get a definitive yes/no on whether or not p2p is possible in SL4.

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Not sure if this is what you are looking for (as I'm late to the party for this older question), but CodePlex has a P2P library -- though it looks as though this library has a dependency on Window Live Messenger.

Assuming your Silverlight 4 app doesn't have to be cross-platform to Mac, you may be able to get to the Winsock APIs either directly or through some sort of COM wrapper.

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No, you cannot get a definitive answer about future Silverlight features up on StackOverflow.

If you're interested in seeing this feature implemented I suggest you vote open up a Connect Issue and vote up the UserVoice issue.

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"Can we get a definitive yes/no on whether or not p2p is possible in SL4." I didn't ask for a definitive answer about the future. – Paul Apr 23 '10 at 20:22

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