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I need to develop an embedded audio streaming server.


  • Voice quality or better
  • Intended for low power wifi transmission
  • Broad support in existing software and devices (ie, windows media player, quicktime, vlc, iPhone, Android, etc).
  • Royalty/patent free, or cheap to license


  • Low overhead TCP/IP based streaming protocol
  • Voice grade codec (easy to implement in software, no DSP, 32bit CPU if needed)
  • Would be nice if it supported HTML5 browsers, but is there any codec (such as raw) that is supported by the latest browsers that is lower overhead than MP3?


  • What are the relevant streaming protocols I should be looking at?
  • What are the relevant codecs I should be looking at?
  • What transport streams should I be looking at?
  • What am I missing, or where else should I be looking for this type of need?
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The easiest route would be to wrap the iPhone 3G S' hardware accelerated AAC codec in some sort of standard network stream; I think it's royalty free. For broad support, your best option is MP3 over HTTP shoutcast-style (not royalty free).

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