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I would like to know if someone knows how to make a function repeat over and over while the mouse is press, I don't know how to make it work. I know in prototype you can take events like


but is something like $('id').observe("whilemousepress",function(event){}) :P //I know there is not any event in javascript but I would like to emulate.


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I can't comment on the prototype specifics, but you could probably do this by creating an interval using setInterval() that is started on mousedown and is stopped using .clearInterval() on mouseup.

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mmmmm nice... let me try and comment later... thanks for you time... – ncubica Apr 22 '10 at 18:00

There is an event for when the mouse is down mousedown and one for when the mouse is up mouseup. Just start your events when the mouse is pressed and stop them when the button is released.

    // Do whatever you want

    // Stop the events starts when the mouse when down
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Thanks John I think this is works just fine for me thanks for your time ... – ncubica Apr 22 '10 at 18:13
I guess you need the setInterval for make it works. – ncubica Apr 23 '10 at 4:57

ok... I guess both are correct what I did is :

        $('right').observe('mousedown',function(event){ intervalRigth = setInterval( + ".dosomething()",50); }.bind(this));
        $('left').observe('mousedown',function(event){ intervalLeft = setInterval( + ".dosomething()",50); }.bind(this));

        $('right').observe('mouseup',function(event){ clearInterval(intervalRigth ); }.bind(this));
        $('left').observe('mouseup',function(event){ clearInterval(intervalLeft ); }.bind(this));            

//so I guess a mix of both answer are right thanks =)

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My MouseUtils class for free, as a gift. Your welcome xD

var MouseUtils = (function() {
  'use strict';
  var _isScrolling = false;
  var _buttonsArray = [false, false, false, false, false, false, false, false, false]; // 0 left, 2 right, 1 middle, other.. extra buttons, gaming mouses
  var _mousePressed = false;

  var _init = function(w, d) {
    w.onscroll = function() {
      _isScrolling = true;
    d.onmousedown = function(e) {
      _buttonsArray[e.button] = true;
      _mousePressed = true;
    d.onmouseup = function(e) {
      _buttonsArray[e.button] = false;
      _mousePressed = false;
    d.oncontextmenu = function() { // this is mandatory for clicks down|ups works well
      return false;
    return this;

  var _scrollInterval = setInterval(function() {
    if(_isScrolling) {
      _isScrolling = false;
  }, 500);

  var _isLeftPressed = function() {
    return _buttonsArray[0];
  var _isRightPressed = function() {
    return _buttonsArray[2];
  var _isMiddlePressed = function() {
    return _buttonsArray[1];
  var _isScrolling = function() {
    return _isScrolling;

  var _clearScrollInterval = function() {

  return {
    init: _init,
    isLeftPressed: _isLeftPressed,
    isRightPressed: _isRightPressed,
    isMiddlePressed: _isMiddlePressed,
    isScrolling: _isScrolling,
    clearScrollInterval: _clearScrollInterval

MouseUtils.init(window, document);

while(MouseUtils.isLeftPressed) {

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Lol, I did this question 5 years ago, not longer using prototypejs. but thanks I guess. btw everybody in SO do thing for free, so is a little senseless your comment about being free :P. – ncubica Sep 17 '15 at 17:37
That was a joke, ok, a really bad one.. – Lkzwieder Sep 17 '15 at 17:42

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