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I have output from a page (Uploader.php). Now i go to some other page and have a button on that page to reroute to this page (Uploader.php). I want the input of the page to be seen rather than reprocessing the page.

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Sorry I can't really understand the question – Matteo Riva Apr 22 '10 at 17:53
Reword "I want the input of the page to be seen rather than reprocessing the page." It's not clear what is meant by this. – webbiedave Apr 22 '10 at 18:05
What i meant is this 1) from the page Index.php i am routed to unpoader.php 2) In this page, Uploader.php some processing is done and then a output is displayed with some buttons and table 3) On pressing any of the buttons i am rerouted to another page- Overflow.php 4) Now i want to be rerouted to Uploader.php- But this time there should be no processing of the page as earlier- what i mean is that- the prevous output having tables and those buttons should be displyed. – user325032 Apr 24 '10 at 17:59

From what I can infer of the question you want to have a form that allows the user to upload whatever information. After they submit, you want to either show a 'review' page (for the user to confirm or deny the action to be performed), or a 'results' page to review what was performed/uploaded/input.

For easy of programming I would have two PHP files, Uploader.php and Uploader-View.php Uploader.php would have your form and post to whatever form action script you have for processing it. The action script could then redirect to Uploader-View.php with the form values placed in the page as text, rather than as form fields. If you wanted to re-use Uploader.php you could have some variable to determine the state of the workflow and decide whether to show form fields or variable values.

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