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Recently there was a post to the subversion dev mailing list suggesting a vision and roadmap for the future of Subversion. As a result, I'm posting this to elicit some suggestions and contributions from the users of Subversion. Any comments are welcome, and I shall feedback a synopsis with a link to this question to the dev mailing list.

On the post, several ideas were suggested as being "very nice to have" and are offered as the starting point of a future roadmap. These are:

  • Obliterate
  • Shelve/Checkpoint
  • Repository-dictated Configuration
  • Rename Tracking
  • Improved Merging
  • Improved Tree Conflict Handling
  • Enterprise Authentication Mechanisms
  • Forward History Searching
  • Log Message Templates

So given all the above, what features in subversion, or missing from subversion, do you think could be improved or added?

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Rename tracking would be better than having to "delete" and "add". :)

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Some features that would save me time:

  • Repository-wide "ignore" (for Thumbs.db, .DS_Store, and the like)
  • An easier way to move folders from one repository to another, possibly with a "merge" function (easier than svndumpfilter).
  • Local machine authentication for svnserve (not necessarily "enterprise" authentication, just authenticate with local user credentials).
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now the migrate a folder (with history) is a cracking idea! The others are in progress. –  gbjbaanb Apr 22 '10 at 21:39

Compress transfers to /from server. When doing a really big commit/checkout it can be insanely slow!

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