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Greeting, I would like the jqueryui datapicker to use polish localization. Additionally, the dates have to be limited so it should not be possible to choose past dates. I have something like this:

    $("#StartDate").datepicker({ minDate: 0, maxDate: '+1Y ' });
    $("#StartDate").datepicker('option', $.datepicker.regional['pl']);

Limitation works find, but I cannot achieve polish localization. Please help.

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Make sure you included http://jquery-ui.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ui/i18n/jquery.ui.datepicker-pl.js.

Also you don't need to set the option, setDefaults is enough.

$.datepicker.setDefaults($.datepicker.regional['pl']); $("#StartDate").datepicker({ minDate: 0, maxDate: '+1Y ' });

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