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I have a pipe that filters an RSS feed and removes any item that contains "stopwords" that I've chosen. Currently I've manually created a filter for each stopword in the pipe editor, but the more logical way is to read these from a file. I've figured out how to read the stopwords out of the text file, but how do I apply the filter operator to the feed, once for every stopword?

The documentation states explicitly that operators can't be applied within the loop construct, but hopefully I'm missing something here.

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You're not missing anything - the filter operator can't go in a loop.

Your best bet might be to generate a regex out of the stopwords and filter using that. e.g. generate a string like (word1|word2|word3|...|wordN).

You may have to escape any odd characters. Also I'm not sure how long a regex can be so you might have to chunk it over multiple filter rules.

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In addition to Gavin Brock's answer the following Yahoo Pipes filters the feed items (title, description, link and author) according to multiple stopwords:


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