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I have a UITableView which only takes like 3/4 of the screen, but not the entire screen. Now I wonder if it matters to scrolling performance a lot, if outside the UITableView there are views with alpha 0.5?

When a table view scrolls, is the entire screen affected with compositing and drawing, or only the frame of the table view?

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There should be no noticeable performance hit with adjusting the alpha on any of the views. Performance of UITableView is most effected by loading of individual cell views. I temper this with the assumption that you are not creating a first person 3D shooter utilising TableView's. :) If I have oversimplified your question, let me know.



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So what you say is, that it does not matter what alpha views outside the uitableview have? – dontWatchMyProfile Apr 22 '10 at 23:40

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