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What is the best online forum site about project management? It must cover PM-related news, articles, case studies and discussion boards.

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How fast things change? I just heard about Cornelius Fichtner's new project: Project Managment Opinions. It has a section on resources. Already this newly launched site looks like a good meta site.

Previously on Stackoverflow....

I don't think there one site for what you want. The resources i use are:


PM Podcast - very good. The latest episode on the PMI virtual communities will point you to further resources on SIGs in PMI and how they are changing.

PM Lessons Learned - messy site, but worth subscribing and listening to the most recent episodes (very good ones on risk and softskills)


GanttHead - very busy site... i've never used anything from the site but there are a lot of links and forums i think.


PMI - a great resource if you are a member. Also has PM news on it's homepage for everyone. Some of the work in SIGs sounds very interesting.

Your local PMI chapter - OK so this is my local chapter. Worthwhile investigating your own. I've had a very small involvement with mine and found them very approachable and useful.

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In the earlier days, Joel's site had more of a project management lean.

Browse the archive here.

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Someone pointed me to a podcast there once.. might be worth a look. Never been there too long.. got a more programmer bent of mind.

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The Project Management Institute (pmi.org) may be a great place if you're looking for recognized, professional project management.

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I would pimp my own - but I won't. I highly recommend checking out Ed Yourdon and Caper Jones sites: http://www.yourdon.com/


Outside of that there's pmi.org, but they're mostly on the look out for selling pmp certification. There's also Agile Alliance http://agilealliance.com/

Overall...not much good out there for PM's

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