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I have some dynamically created rows/columns. What I'd like to do is set a section of it (txtOffsetID) to be hidden. I tried this: txtOffsetID.setAttribute('type', 'hidden'); but it didn't work. I want to hide that entire column and any new columns added. I need it to work in IE. Thanks.

Sample code:

function addNewOffsetItem()
    var iX = document.getElementById("txtOffsetIndex").value;
    iX ++;
    document.getElementById("txtOffsetIndex").value = iX;

    var tbl = document.getElementById("tblOffsetDetail").getElementsByTagName("TBODY")[0];
    var tr = document.createElement("TR");

    //This section should be hidden.    
    var tdID = document.createElement("TD");

    var p = document.createElement("P");

    var txtOffsetID = document.createElement("input"); 
    p.appendChild(txtOffsetID); = "txtOffsetID" + iX;
    txtOffsetID.setAttribute('name','txtOffsetID' + iX);

    //This section should be visible.
    var tdComments = document.createElement("TD");

    var p = document.createElement("P");

    var txtOffsetComments = document.createElement("textarea"); 
    p.appendChild(txtOffsetComments); = "txtOffsetComments" + iX;
    txtOffsetComments.setAttribute('name','txtOffsetComments' + iX);    

<table width="99%" border="1" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="1" id="tblOffsetDetail">
    <col id="colOffsetID">
    <col id="colOffsetComments">
            <td><input type="text" id="txtOffsetID" name="txtOffsetID"></td>
            <td><p><textarea name="txtOffsetComments" cols="15" rows="3" id="txtOffsetComments"></textarea></p></td>        
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created "tr" element can be hidden like this

tr.setAttribute('style', 'display: none;');  

but in case you want to hide full column than you need to use colgroup table element

<col id="colOne">
<col id="colTwo">
<col id="colThre">

you can hide colTwo like this

document.getElementById('colTwo').style.display = 'none';

I hope this helps

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this worked. Thanks! – SeanFlynn Apr 22 '10 at 23:46

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