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DOMPDF does not support floats.

However I am listing many tables, and they are mainly key & value pairs. I would like 2 of these tables to appear side by side.

i.e. if I could use floats


<table id="stuff">

<table id="other-stuff">


table#stuff {
    float: left;

table#other-stuff {
    float: right;

What sort of workaround can I do to support this? Or is it impossible?

If anyone has any ideas, there is a place to test here.

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It looks like it may be supported in the beta.

You can download that from the Google Code page.

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Make a table with 2 cells (50% if needed). Align 1st to left and the 2nd to right. In each cell you place your tables.

It should look like 2 floats.

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