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I'm messing around with GTK and glade for the first time, and I've run across a really annoying issue. When I enter text into a TextView, the TextView automatically resizes larger, pushing other widgets away.

This is a really annoying behavior. I do not want my TextView changing size depending on the amount of text within it.

Does anyone know what I can do to prevent the TextView from resizing based on its content?

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You should put GtkTextView into GtkScrolledWindow with "hscrollbar-policy" and "vscrollbar-policy" properties set to "automatic".

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I may have asked a bit too soon.

The answer is, the TextView must go inside a scrolled window.

Hopefully someone else will run across this problem one day, and this solution will help them.

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Even inside GtkScrolledWindow with GTK_POLICY_NONE GtkTextView resizes itself while adding text. That's pretty nasty - impossible to have GtkTextView without scrollbars.

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