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hi is there a tool that i can use to generated msdn type documentation?

i recently just started playing with sandcastle and i found that there used to a tool called scriptdoc but it has been absorbed into aptana and i don't really want to use aptana studio.

what i could find so far is jsdoc which is a perl script which extracts comments from javascript files but i'm still looking for a better fit.

from my initial testing it seems that the xml generated from jsdoc doesn't match completed with sandcastle or maybe i'm missing something there...

any help?

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You might want to check YUIDoc. It's what we use in all our projects, and the final output looks like http://yuilibrary.com/yui/docs/api/classes/Anim.html. Of course, the look is fully customisable with your own templates, custom CSS, etc. so you might be able to come up with something that looks completely different

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you have to comment using vsdoc... the syntax is just like c# vsdoc, but comments go in the function you're documenting instead of immediately before. Example:

function foo(bar) {
/// <summary>a function called foo</summary>
/// <param name="bar"> a param called bar </param>
/// <returns type="Boolean">Boolean value of bar </returns>
return !!bar;
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