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I came across this great JQuery example of using a slidetoggle.

I want to implement it exact as is, except for one thing.

The example uses an image for the Up and Down (white) arrow indicator.

Can't I use the HTML ascii up arrow (↑) and down arrow (↓) instead of using an image.

If so, how?

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I believe something like this should work:


  //Toggle text here (I may have the up/down order inverted)
  $(".btn-slide").toggle(function() {
      $(this).text('Slide ↑');
    }, function() {
      $(this).text('Slide ↓');
  return false;

Basically the idea is just to toggle the text on the link when it is clicked, the same place the author toggles the up/down slide.

More info on toggle() here.

You will also need to remove the white background image from here:

.btn-slide  {
background:url("images/white-arrow.gif") no-repeat scroll right -50px 


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You can change the text value of the anchor element as follows.

    $(this).toggleClass("active"); return false;  
    $(this).text('YourText ' + ($(this).hasClass('active') ? '↑' : '↓'));

Removing the arrow image is done by eliminating the CSS background property of the .btn-slide selector.

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in my case, i prefer use attribute .attr()

$(this).attr('value', '↑');

When testing using firebug, i use .val() or .html(), after <input> will add extra </input>. Its not work for me.

Sorry my bad English.

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