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In the following code:

var a:Vector.<int> ...
var b:Vector.<String> ...
var c:Vector.<uint> ...
var c:Vector.<MyOwnClass> ...

function verifyArrayLike(arr:*):Boolean
   return (arr is Array || arr is Vector)


What I'm looking for is something like _var is Vector.<*>

But Vector.<*> is not a valid expression, even Vector. can not be placed at the right side of operators.

Is there a way to check if an input argument is a valid Vector of any type?

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Here's a method that should work. I'm confident there must (surely?) be a better way out there that doesn't use strings, but this method should tide you over.

 * Finds out if an object is a generic Vector.
 * It works because the value returned for getQualifiedClassName(a vector) 
 * is "__AS3__.vec::Vector.<the vector's type>".
 * @param object Object Any object.
 * @return Boolean True if the object is a generic Vector, false otherwise.
function isVector(object:Object):Boolean 
    var class_name:String = getQualifiedClassName(object);
    return class_name.indexOf("__AS3__.vec::Vector.") === 0;
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very nice code! –  ty. Apr 28 '10 at 11:19
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This also seems to work, although I'm very unhappy about not being able to use (candidate is Vector) reliably.

private function isVector(candidate : *) : Boolean
    var result : Boolean;
        result = true;
    catch (error : Error)
        result = false;

    return result;
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