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When I install a plugin in Eclipse everything goes well. But after restarting the new plugin is not visible. I have tried it with different plugins, but they have all the same problem. The only place where I can see them is when I look at "What is already installed?".

What could be the problem?

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This issue and its solution is described in a DZone article and at the nWire blog.
It all boils down to these two options:

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Have you tried running Eclipse with the -clean argument ? You need to do this only once and not every time you start Eclipse, you it is recommended to do so after a plugin installation.

If that doesn't help, verify if you have privileges to write onto the features and plugins subdirectories. The plugin installation process requires the write privilege, but I've never seen a plugin installation succeed without one; still, it is worth checking for.

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sudo eclipse -clean;  

Help --> Install software --> Re-install the plugins and software;

Eclipse is installed and the majority of programs are also installed initially with root privileges.

Typically 'Ownership' of hidden install folders like this belong to the 'Sudo' or Root user. Therefore changes and installs to these hidden folders will not take.

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You could be in a custom perspective in which the plugin commands are not set to be visible (hence no menu, no view, ...). See this question for more on perspectives.

alt text alt text

Can you see your plugins in the <eclipse>/plugins and <eclipse>/features directories?
Can you check your "Error Log" view and see if there is any error message?
Can you see if the Preferences reference your plugins?

You can also try re-launching Eclipse with the -clean command line argumen

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It seems like they are not in the <eclipse>/plugins directory. Also they are not listed under Eclipse Installation Details -> Plugins, only under "Installed software". How can I solve this? –  Derk Apr 23 '10 at 11:18
@Derk: then you need to monitor your Error Logs view during the installation phase and see if anything suspicious is reported there. What plugin are you trying to install? One you made or one you reference through an external update site? –  VonC Apr 23 '10 at 11:26
I tried Subversive, Subclipse and some others, but there is no difference. I see nothing in the error log in the plugin development perspective. I try to install them via Help -> Install new software. Then everything goes well, but after Eclipse asks to restart nothing is visible –  Derk Apr 23 '10 at 11:30
@Derk: could you try that on a fresh Eclipse installation? What Eclipse version are you using? And what package (eclipse.org/downloads/moreinfo/compare.php)? –  VonC Apr 23 '10 at 12:00
I already tried a fresh installation, but it didn't help. The version I'm using is the Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers. The windows 64 bit version from the development builds –  Derk Apr 23 '10 at 13:07

I had a problem one time where I was running eclipse with an old jre - it worked but plugins that needed jre6 didn't load. Do you have a recent jre in your path and as your java_home?

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