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How do I execute QTcpSocket functions in a different thread?

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file thread.h:

class   Thread : public QThread {
    void    run();

file thread.cpp:

Thread::Thread() {}
void    Thread::run() {
    // do what ever you want with QTcpSocket

in main.cpp or whatever:

Thread *myThread = new Thread;
connect(myThread, SIGNAL(finished()), this, SLOT(on_myThread_finished()));
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The QT docs are explicit that the QTCPSocket should not be used accross threads. I.E, create a QTCPSocket in the main thread and have the signal tied to an object in another thread.

I suspect that you are implementing something like a web server where the listen creates a QTCPSocket on the accept. You then want another thread to handle the task of processing that socket. You can't.

The way I worked around it is I kept the socket in the thread it was born in. I serviced all of the incoming data in that thread and threw it into a queue where another thread could work on that data.

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Where does it say that? –  Matthew Levine Dec 13 '13 at 20:56

Put a QMutex lock around all calls, not just on the "different" thread but on all threads. One easy way to do so is via a QMutexLocker

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