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I am trying to build a sortable navigation tree using jQuery UI Sortable. I have it working great in Firefox with no prblems. In IE it works pretty well, however, there seems to be some inconsistent issues when trying to move an item with a nested list down in its navigational tier. The list doesn't expand to create a drop point for the list in motion and it often fails, however, sometimes the sort works anyway. I have played with this for longer than I care to admit! Does anyone have any ideas?

Here is a link to a demo with source.

To duplicate the problem: In IE drag the row (Move Show Item 12) up a few rows then try to move it back down to where it started. (Note: to move items you must click and hold on move)

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I noticed that if you drag below the list and then back up into it it works just fine. It must be some kind of jQuery UI / IE bug.

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You might get what you want if you try setting placeholder in the .sortable() call, i.e:

     placeholder : 'placeholderClass' 

Then make sure you have a class .placeholderClass defined, and you can choose what styles to apply when a block is being dragged - Not sure of this is what you want - just a suggestion.

Check out these pages if you need more info.

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