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I actually don't need help, i just want to know your opinion about that weird Flash CS4 (AS3) behavior. there should be something i missed. 1) what happens: flash movie plays on any (even non-existent) function call between if(bytesLoaded==bytesTotal), and doesnot play on commented-out or blank line there. 2) what should be seen instead: no action - i dont call any timeline functions so the movie shouldn't be playing. any warning or error? i dont know, flash is so *-nixy all the time in the way it handles errors. 3) where: in the


clause on the first frame (AS3)

I think adobe has taken responsibilty on itself to guess that if we use bytesLoaded and bytesTotal, then we want to play movie :|. what if i want to ceil a number and dont want to play it?

i dont use custom document class so i use root.* instead of MovieClip(root).*

---this is the AS3 code on the first frame, and embedded video in the next 1999 frames



function RootOnEnterFrame (evt:Event) {




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The problem here is that webservers do not always tell the browser how big the file is. Unfortunately Flash interprets this as bytesTotal to be 0. And of course, 0 == 0 is true.

You can either let your swf know the size beforehand or configure the webserver to send this info. The former is the most common way to get around this.

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bitc, thank you for your reply. in fact, the SWF played was in the Flash IDE, and the funny part is that it thinks that even Math.ceil() is a play() function, not more not less. I think Macromedia-and-then-Adobe accompanies ActionScript with overwhelmed forgiveness - thinking something like 'of course, if the programmer checks for bytesLoaded, then he obviously wants to play a movie'. I can't think of any more probable answer. –  Luka Ramishvili May 4 '10 at 12:51

Hey, i think no one has the idea except Adobe/flash people from Macromedia.

Thanks for replying.

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