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Hi can any body suggest me an idea about how can i create a chat interface between the friend list which i have created for my application.

actually a want to create a chat server. i have a friends list in my django model. if more then one person is online at the same time then they chat with one another. for this purpose do i have to create a socket or is there any other way to do it.


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There are a couple pluggable apps for using Django as a chat server that you could use or at least use as a reference or starting point.

There are also these posts on using Django with Orbited to create a chat server.

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Thanks for the jqchat suggestion. Exactly what I was looking for. – Rob B Sep 25 '10 at 16:43

A basic messaging service is fairly easy. Most of it will be through Javascript/AJAX. Simply store messages from users to users in the database, and have your AJAX poll the server for updates. Once the conversation is ended, delete them.

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can i have a tutorial, about how to create Javascript and Ajax for this purpose or any useful link thanks – MajorGeek Jun 9 '10 at 18:45

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