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I've just setup a Google Analytics for Mobile Apps account and I've implemented the SDK in my iPhone app with no trouble at all. However, I haven't figured out how to manage multiple apps with one account. It seems fairly easy to setup multiple subdomains when dealing with websites and I've noticed the javascript code has a setSubdomain function that doesn't seem to be present in the iPhone SDK.

Is there any way I can have google analytics differentiate my different apps for the same account?

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Set up more profiles in GA - one profile per app. You should end up with UA codes like UA-XXXXX-1 and UA-XXXXX-2 - the XXXXX is the account identifier, and the suffix is the 'web property identifier' - in this case each app will have it's own property identifier. They don't match up 1-to-1 to GA profiles, as you can have more than one profile for a web-property-identifier (so you can have profiles with different filters on the same data), but in your case I'd suggest a separate web property IDs for each application.

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So the docs say:

To use the SDK, you must create a free account at www.google.com/analytics, and create a new website profile in that account using a fake but descriptive website URL (e.g. http://mymobileapp.mywebsite.com). Once you create the profile, write down or keep a copy of the web property ID that is generated for the newly-created profile. A Web property ID is also known as the UA number of your tracking code and looks like UA-xxxxx-yy, where the x's and y's indicate the unique numbers for your profile. You must indicate the web property ID you'd like to use when instantiating the tracking object. See Web Property for more information.

Appears to me you simply setup that "fake website" such as http://myapp1.yourwebsite.com and then you'll get a new UA- number which you plug into the code within myapp1.

App2 will have a different UA- number you use.

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I stand corrected... there can be multiple account numbers per google account, but only 1 per profile. You were correct, but @jamie was able to clarify more specifically. –  user2393462435 Apr 26 '10 at 18:08

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