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I am processing a XML document and iterating through nodes. I want to iterate through the nodes and build a new List of some type. How would I do this with Scala:

Here is my XML traverse code:

  def findClassRef(xmlNode: Elem) = {

    xmlNode\"classDef" foreach { (entry) =>
        val name    = entry \ "@name"
        val classid = entry \ "@classId"
        println(name + "//" + classid)

Where the line of println is, I want to append elements to a list.

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Map should work. If you do not need exactly a List instance you can remove the toList.

xmlNode \"classDef" map { (entry) =>
  val name    = entry \ "@name"
  val classid = entry \ "@classId"
  name + "//" + classid
} toList
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That would work. Is there is no "append to list" way of doing this? –  Berlin Brown Apr 23 '10 at 19:32
@Berlin Why do you want to explicity append to a list? ‘map‘ appends to a new collection internally. –  Ben Lings Apr 24 '10 at 10:36

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