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How come this pop-up gets a size other than what I have specified, when testing it in IE6 and FireFox 3.6? Firefox displays it correctly but IE6 is smaller for some reason. (620x530 instead) How can I fix it?

<A id="myID" onclick="window.open('/sitecollectiondocuments/myPage.htm',&#13;&#10;'welcome','width=630,height=590')" href="javascript:void(0)"></A>
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I think that in one of those browsers title is not calculated in height... but I am not sure in which one –  Senad Meškin Apr 23 '10 at 14:17
IE6 includes the status/title/toolbar in its height. How can I circumvent this - make it the same size in as many browsers as possible? –  Zolomon Apr 23 '10 at 14:27

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window.open('/sitecollectiondocuments/myPage.htm','welcome','width=630,height=590').resizeTo(630, 590)

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not tested, just guess –  Lauri Apr 23 '10 at 14:33
It works, thanks. –  Ko Cour Aug 29 at 13:18

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