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I have trying to design a REST service in .NET 3.5 with WCF REST Contrib. My service is nearly working fine, but I am facing a bizarre error.

Basically, I have two methods:

[WebInvoke(UriTemplate = "/books?id={identity}", Method = "PUT")]
public string InsertBook(string identity, Book book)
 // snipped


[WebInvoke(UriTemplate = "/books?id={identity}", Method = "GET")]
public Books[] ListBooks(string identity)
 // snipped

Yet I am getting the error message at activation time:

System.InvalidOperationException was unhandled by user code Message="UriTemplateTable does not support multiple templates that have equivalent path as template '/books?id={identity}' but have different query strings, where the query strings cannot all be disambiguated via literal values. See the documentation for UriTemplateTable for more detail." Source="System.ServiceModel.Web"

If I rename the second method as /books2?identity then it works fine.

Any idea why the UriTemplateTable is not distinguishing between verbs?

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Finally found the solution. In the web.config, the binding must be specified as webHttpBinding (instead of the default basicHttpBinding).

    <service name="Foo.MyService">
      <endpoint address="" binding="webHttpBinding" contract="Foo.MyService" />
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