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I have a cursor, and it got, lets say, 40 rows, I want to hide some rows when the user check a checkbox.

one way is run the query again on the cursor, but it doesn't help me because the condition is done by Java (calculate balance, with many logic).

I need something that will get the current row, and return if it can be show or not.

any help will be appreciated.

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i inherit CursorWrapper and override some of the methods, here is the code:

public class SelectableCursorWrapper extends CursorWrapper {

private HashSet<Integer> mWhichShow;

public SelectableCursorWrapper(Cursor cursor, HashSet<Integer> whichToShow) {

    mWhichShow = whichToShow;

public int getCount() {
    return mWhichShow.size();

public boolean moveToPosition(int position) {
    if (position >= super.getCount()) {
        return false;

    if (mWhichShow.contains(position)) {
        return super.moveToPosition(position);
    } else {
        // Recursion on this method to move to the next element properly
        return this.moveToPosition(position + 1);

thanks for anyone that try to help!

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Write yourself a ListAdapter that knows whether to hide/show specific rows from an adapter it wraps.

You can see examples of such wrapping adapters here and here.

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thanks man, i found another way, more efficient, please tell me what you think after i'll post it –  Noam Apr 23 '10 at 18:33

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