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I don't want text to be buffered from my application to a WPF TextBox. I can't see an obvious property for it.

Currently, I'm just using the AppendText method.

In C we used something like setbuf(stdout, (char *)NULL) - is it something like that in C# or something simpler?

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Can you please explain a bit more about this buffering problem? How exactly is text buffered in a WPF TextBox? – wpfwannabe Apr 23 '10 at 17:39
Actually, the whole app fails to redraw until finished. This makes both logging to the TextBox and the ProgressBar rather pointless. I'm on XP sp2 and running from the VS2008 (Express) Debugger. – nicdoye Apr 26 '10 at 16:59
without source code this is rather difficult to answer. You talk about a progressbar and logging. Did you, by any chance, do the 'AppendText' and the actual 'work' on the same thread? If yes, you could just put everything in a seperate Thread and use the control's dispatcher to update your GUI. – Steffen Winkler Jun 1 at 9:10

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