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I'm having a problem in flex 3 where if a static const I have defined is used as the parameter to a function call within binding tags I get a "1120: Access of undefined property NodePropertyMatrix". _propMtx is a ArrayCollection.

<mx:HBox visible="{_propMtx.getItemAt(NodePropertyMatrix.srcParent)}">

Above code throws the error, but the following code does not

<mx:HBox visible="{NodePropertyMatrix.srcParent}">

NodePropertyMatrix is an AS class as follows:

package model.constants
import mx.collections.ArrayCollection;

public class NodePropertyMatrix
    public static const srcParent:Number = 0;

Anyone know what is wrong here?

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Found the problem.

In the mxml file where I was importing the NodePropertyMatrix is was doing this:

import Constants.*;

Instead of this:

import Constants.NodePropertyMatrix;

For some reason it doesn't work in this instance without explicity importing that class. Wildcard didn't do the trick....not sure why, but ignorance is bliss.

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