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I installed the latest binaries from


and followed the suggestions from


because the linked installation instructions are out of date (basically there are more libs to copy to the plugins dir)

Now my resharper shows the plugin in the Plugins diialog, but I have no testing functionality at all. Not even Testdriven.NET seems to recognize the xunit tests (even if I "reinstalled" them via the xunit.installer.exe).

What a drag! Anyone can give me a hand here?


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could you specify which dll was missed? xunit.dll* xunitcontrib.runner.resharper.provider.5.1.pdb* xunit.runner.utility.dll* xunitcontrib.runner.resharper.runner.5.1.dll* xunitcontrib.runner.resharper.provider.5.1.dll* xunitcontrib.runner.resharper.runner.5.1.pdb* I am still unable to run the tests. –  Megha May 4 '11 at 5:34
sorry, this thread is ancient. no idea what exactly was wrong... –  Jan Limpens May 7 '11 at 1:48
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A I guess, I just forgot one of the dlls. Now I have got it working.

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