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We have developed an API for an application using Java. Are there any special tools or products avaialble to test an API?

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What kind of test? Unit tests? What's the API about? You need to expand and clarify your questions to get any meaningful answers. –  Cesar Apr 23 '10 at 18:15
It is far easier to ensure that an API works than to ensure that people will use it correctly. –  Uri Apr 23 '10 at 18:38

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Actually what you're looking for is a white-box testing solution.

For Java you can use JCrasher, For C# you can use Pex

They analyze your source code and try to "break" your application by sending as many crazy values for your parameters to your methods and object constructors as possible. They then generate unit tests so that you can use regression testing in the future.


void MyMethod (integer s)

A white-box testing solution would send in all sorts of crazy values, some random some pre-determined. One example is it will send in a null value if it's nullable in your chosen language. It will also send in the Maximum and Minimum integer values to see what happens there.

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To be precise, Pex crafts inputs in order to generate maximum coverage. To do so, it does not generate random values but rather uses a technique called 'dynamic symbolic execution'. –  Peli Apr 27 '10 at 5:39
+1 Absolutely correct –  masenkablast Apr 29 '10 at 12:09

Have you considered unit testing frameworks such as JUnit and TestNG? They are very powerful and allow you to write test cases to test your API methods. You can provide specific inputs to a method and see if it returns the desired result, for example.

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If your API is well specified, standard unit testing with JUnit that treats the API as a black box is typically enough at the function level to ensure that the API works correctly.

If you can, also unit test common method combinations and micro-patterns (e.g., open-execute-close) and likely violations of these. Providing potential users with samples of patterns and combinations

In my experience, the vast majority of errors that involve the use of APIs are in how your clients understand it. Things like combinations of calls are usually on the path to failure.

In addition, pay close attention to documentation. Be aware that complete and accurate specification of each function in the JavaDocs may actually make your API documentation less useful to potential callers.

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If you are looking for integration testing and analytics, there are several commercial services out there that can do this for you. Apigee, loader.io, mobisoft, therightapi, and mashery all have some kind of offering in that space.

If you're looking for free stuff, you're going to have to write more of your own.

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There is a free API testing tool from theRightAPI that allows you to test calls to any HTTP based API. It also allows you to save your test scenarios so that you can share them with others, or test them again later to ensure they are responding as expected.

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