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I have a handful of DBIx::Class::Core objects that model various database tables.

For some of those models (those that have a 'queue' column), I have another class inject subs (basically, to 'move' the model object along it's queue states).

I'd like to also have that class inject has_many relationships ala

 { 'foreign.record_id'=>'' },
 { where => { type => $name }} );

but I can't seem to get the relationships to register properly (keep getting "No Such Relationship" errors - however, when calling the relationship method on the sources provides back the relationship).

Any clues as to what's wrong?

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found a solution, would still love to see alternatives! – Carl Apr 23 '10 at 23:48
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After some digging around, the following works:

$class = $schema->class($name)->has_many('queue_history','MySchema::Result::QueueHistory',
 { 'foreign.record_id'=>'' },
 { where => { type => $name }} );


The key being the unregister/register methods in order to generate all the appropriate other methods that get added by having a new has_many relationship.

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