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I have some windows docked to edges/corners of the working area, and I need to know if/when the WorkingArea of the screen changes so I can update the position of those windows. I've attempted to tackle this before to no avail, as I recall.

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What kind of panel are you using for the working area? What language, WinForms or WPF? –  Maurizio Reginelli Apr 23 '10 at 19:30
Well I'm using WPF for the most part (the windows are WPF windows), but using WinForms to get the WorkingArea via System.Windows.Forms.Screen.PrimaryScreen.WorkingArea. –  devios Apr 24 '10 at 0:28

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One way would be to register your windows as an Application Desktop Toolbar (AppBar) http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb776821(VS.85).aspx Then the system will send you notifications when your window needs to be repositioned, resized etc. For example an AppBar receives a ABN_POSCHANGED notification from the system when something occurs that will affect the size/position/visiblity etc. of the AppBar.

You will need to interop to do this, here is a Code Project article on doing this with C#, though I have only done with C++ so I cannot vouch for the article, but it should be a fair starting point. http://www.codeproject.com/KB/dotnet/AppBar.aspx

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Thanks for the reply. I'll mark this as the answer as it's a good idea, even though I ended up taking a different (simpler, though not as elegant) approach (see post). –  devios Apr 23 '10 at 19:55

I ended up just taking the very simple approach of running a DispatcherTimer that ticks every two seconds and simply checks the current WorkingArea against the last-checked WorkingArea, sending an event if they are different.

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Is there no windows message being passed to your windows WndProc when the screen changes?

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As far as I recall there's not.. at least not anything reliable. –  devios Apr 25 '10 at 20:58

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