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Here's what I've done...

I used wsdl.exe to create a .cs class for my wsdl service connection. I made a Visual Studio project to compile the .cs into a dll having namespace CalculatorService (CalculatorService.dll). Successful thus far.

I created an project added my namespace import:

%@ Import Namespace="CalculatorService" %

I right-clicked on the project, clicked Add Reference, found my .dll, added it, built the project, checked /bin to ensure my dll was there (and it was).

'I called the namespace:'
Dim calcService As New CalculatorService.CalculatorService()
'called the function from the service'
Dim xmlResult = calcService.GetSVS_ItemTable_XML("", "", "", "", "", "")
'printed the result'

All is well LOCALLY while debugging. It found the CalculatorService, connected to it, got the XML and displayed it.

I then wanted to put it on the web so I built and published my project: under "Copy" - Only files needed to run this application...selected!

Deploying on the web says Type 'CalculatorService.CalculatorService' is not defined.

Here is a link to the live script:

Any ideas?

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It seems that some how you are missing the registration of some assembly; and precisely, in this case, the CalculatorService.dll. See if you have added the <%@ Register... > tag in your page that is calling the calculator methods.

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When I try that it says the dll is not found. It's in the /bin/x86 folder. I tried with and without that go!

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